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China FUJI FRS200B  FRS-200B FRS 200B supplier

Large Image :  FUJI FRS200B FRS-200B FRS 200B

Product Details:

Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: FRS200B
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: RM DR6101E

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: inquiry
Packaging Details: new and original with factory sealed
Delivery Time: today
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 pieces a day
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Detailed Product Description
Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: FANUC
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: FRS200B FRS-200B FRS 200B Weight: 4lbs



Product Description:


The name of the tag will reflect the name you assigned the earlier. The "C" sub-group contains the contents of the configuration assembly, which is not currently used in the 1203-CN1. The "O" subgroup contains one entry for each word of output data you configured, and the "I" sub-group contains one entry


for each word of input data you configured. The "O" sub-group corresponds directly to output data for a

PLC-5 described on page 5-2 of the 1203-CN1 user manual (i.e., for most common configurations, word 0 is the logic command, word 1 is the speed reference, words 2 and 3 are the first pair of data links, etc.).


The "I" sub-group is similar to the input data for a PLC-5, except that it is shifted by two words (i.e., word 2 is the logic status, word 3 is the speed feedback, etc.). Words 0 and 1 of the "I" sub-group represent network status data sent by the 1203-CN1 but not processed directly by the ControlLogix processor. At


this point, I/O between the ControlLogix processor and the 1203-CN1 should be configured and running, and the meaning of the various I/O words should be understood. If you need further assistance in configuring I/O, please contact technical support.


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Contact:Miya ( manager)

Email :sales@mooreplc.com
Q Q: 2851195450
Skype: miyazheng520
Mobile:86-18020776792 ( what's app )


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CPU 314SB 314-2AG13 KNS 51.14-2D Y6XC24 NDR064RTP869 PCB
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Appendix B provides information about the Block Transfer messages supported by the Remote I/O communications module. In this appendix, you will read about the following: Block transfer status word.
Setting up data files for block transfer messages.Examples of block transfer messages. Block transfer


quick reference. Important: This appendix provides detailed examples of block transfer messages. For information about block transfer messages, also refer to Chapter 5.Chapter 1 provides an overview of the
Remote I/O communications module (1203-GD1 module, 1203-GK1 module, and 1336-GM1 board). In


this chapter, you will read about the following:Function of the module.Features of the module. Compatible SCANport products and programmable controllers. Parts and hardware of the module. Steps for setting up the module.Required tools and equipment.Description of the Remote I/O Communications Modules


The Remote I/O communications module is an optional interface designed to provide a direct, digital link between an Allen-Bradley programmable controller and any one Allen-Bradley SCANport product. A module is required for each product that you want to connect to Remote I/O. There are three types of


Remote I/O communications modules






SMC ITV2031-31N3N4-X97 E/P Regulator Lot of 4 Used

SMC Regulator AR20-N02BE-Z new 3880-00290 Qty.6

SMC PFW720-04-27 Digital Flow Switch AMAT 0190-02289 New

SMC NCDQ2WB63D-G0747-25 Pneumatic Cylinder AMAT 3020-01053 Lot of 2 New

SMC Pneumatic Cylinder NCDA1D200-0400N-A54-XB New

SMC Digital Flow Switch Display PF2A330-A New 0190-16874

SMC CRB50-180 Rotary Actuator Motor AMAT 0520-00012 Used Working

Hitachi S3-89145-01 SMC Air Cylinder CM2XU20-50 Qty 2

Hitachi 3-839275 SMC Air Cylinder CDQ2B100-J0736-20 New

SMC Air Cylinder CDQ2WB80-01-59470 New

SMC ZX100-K35LZ-EC Vacuum Switch ZX Series Hitachi 3-827900 Lot of 3 New

SMC Regulators ARG20-02BG1-Y-X2115C1 W/ ISE35-N-65-M lot of 7

SMC PF2D520-13-1 Flow Switch Working

SMC Vacuum Switch ZSE1-T1-55 Lot of 4 New 0090-04913

SMC Compact Cylinder NCDQ2B100-10D Lot of 8 Used Working

SMC D-276-990020B 24-Port Pneumatic Manifold AMAT 0190-01401 Used Working

SMC EAR835-F14 Pressure Regulator Used Working

SMC NP420-DNI Valve Manifold Controller As-is

SMC MSQB30R Pneumatic Rotary Actuator AMAT 0520-00211 Used Working

SMC 720 PFW 2GPM BES-8338-07D new 0190-13951

SMC US14519 Perlast Pneumatic Air Cylinder Assembly AMAT 99J1436 Used Working

SMC CQ2A12-30DM Compact Pneumatic Cylinder Lot of 8 Used Working

SMC CRB1LW80-180S Rotary Actuator Lot of 2 Used Working

SMC VNB601AS Pneumatic Process Valve Motor Lot of 2 Used Working

SMC VNB204CS-N15A Process Valve lot of 4 working

SMC Valve Body Ported VQZ312R-5LO-C6F-Q Lot new

SMC 1/2in. Tee Fitting KQ2T13-00 New Lot 3300-05554

SMC MGPM20-UIA00050 Pneumatic Compact Guided Cylinder working

SMC US19553 Pneumatic Manifold NP420-DN1 AMAT 4060-00333 Used Working

SMC NCDQ2B125-UIA97 Pneumatic Cylinder Used Working

SMC Sine sain Rodless Cylinder REA32-Z2727-375 new

SMC NCRA1BW80-190C Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Used Working

SMC US22829 16-Port Pneumatic Manifold AMAT 4060-00374 Used Working

SMC VV5Q11-14-DAK00811 14-Port Pneumatic Manifold AMAT 4060-00678 Used

SMC VV5Q11-14-DAK00810 14-Port Pneumatic Manifold AMAT 4060-00680 Used Working

Novellus 951479 Cable, motor power

Novellus 951337 Cable, motor power

2 PUV0047-5 power supply HOYA-SCHOTT, UV light source,

3 Banner D12SN6FP Fiber Optic sensor switch

Chemraz 9312-SC520, 2-312, Compound 520, 0.600 x 0.210 inch

Bearing, WFR Roller, MESA 2B-10-241, Used, Lot of 4

Nozzle FLT 80787-50 95Deg@500psi, Lot of two, New

7 RF Low freq silver plated connector AMP, 330830 = 5, 330830-8=2

SMC MDSUB7-90S-R73L Rotary Pneumatic Actuator AMAT 0520-00271 Lot of 2 New

SMC MY2HT16G-538-DCM1864M Rodless Cylinder Slide 3760-00353 new

SMC Manual Valve INA-24-63-04RD lot of 10 working

Hitachi S3-89146 SMC Air Cylinder CM2XL20-70 Qty 3 New

SMC IN587-07-A Gas Panel Communication Box 32-Port Manifold V114-5FZ-X6 Used

SMC REA32-Z2727-365 Pneumatic Sine Rodless Cylinder Lot of 3 Used

SMC In-Line Flow Bypass Valve VXD2150-06-1-X696 0190-34864 New

SMC 0190-18443 HE Thermal Fuse For Cold Loop New

SMC Digital Pressure Switch ISE5B-T2-26L ISE6B-A2-26L Lot of 8 Used Working

SMC NCDQ2B50-UIA980-090 Pneumatic Cylinder Lot of 3 Used Working

SMC KDM10-DUM02264 KDM One Touch Multiconnector AMAT 3300-13055 Lot of 8 New

SMC NCDQ2WB63-G0922-80 Pneumatic Cylinder Assembly Used Working

SMC 0010-26749 Gate Valve Actuator 300mm Rev. 002 Copper Exposed Used Working

BES-9239-33A SMC LPM Flow Switch Manual Valve AMAT 0910-28878 New

SMC NCDQ2B80-G0656-38 Pneumatic Cylinder Lot of 4 Used Working

SMC Thermo-Con High Lift Type Module INR-244-220A working

SMC 11GPM RAD 300 Flow Switch Assembly PF2W511-N10-1 New 0190-27970

SMC CDQ2B140C-J0406-XC Air Cylinder Hitachi 3-839273-^A New

SMC US447 24 Port Manifold Valve AMAT 0190-02046 Used Working

SMC SS0750-06-DAO00978 6-Port Pneumatic Manifold AMAT 4060-00846 New

SMC NCDQ2B50-UIA980090 Pneumatic Cylinder 3020-00317 lot of 4 working


The use of the product:




2.the elevator industry,

3.Experienced technichal support team.

Product's advantages:
1.open architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources of energy!


2.Avoid unplanned downtime

3.textile printing and dyeing,


Our advantages:


1.open architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources of energy!

2.Avoid unplanned downtime

3.365 days warranty for all the goods from us.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Q:Does Moore test the products before shipping ?
A:Yse , we have professional technology staff to test the goods before




2.We're in this field more than 12 years. If there's any problem, please contact with us,we'll provide suggestion from our engineer to help you solve problem.


3.Q:How long warranty does Moore can provide ?
A: Moore can provide 1 year warranty !


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