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Schneider BMXCRA31210C Enhanced / Ethernet IO Processor Interface Module

Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Schneider Electric Parts
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: BMXCRA31210C
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: inquiry
Packaging Details: new and original with factory sealed
Delivery Time: today
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 pieces a day
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Detail Information

Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Schneider140 System
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: X80 Ethernet IO Processor Interface Module, High Performance Weight: 3 Lbs

Product Description

Schneider Electric Parts BMXCRA31210C Enhanced, Ethernet IO processor interface module high performance Reasonable price


Product Description:


This module has broken wire detection in current mode and under
voltage in voltage mode.
A Quantum removable terminal strip allows for easy maintenance.
Quantum backplanes (ordered separately) come in 2,3,4,6,10, and 16
slot versions. Any Quantum module can be used in any slot. A
Quantum power supply is required in each rack. The power supply
provides logic power to all modules on the bus.


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Product's Character:


All Quantum I/O modules are optically isolated from the bus, ensuring
safe and trouble-free operation. This isolation also allows modules to
be hot swapped.
Optionally, you can insert mechanical keys between the I/O module and
the terminal strip to ensure that the field wiring and the module type are
properly matched. Key codes are unique for each module type. Key
kits are shipped with each I/O module.
As an option, modules can be ordered with a conformal coating applied
to protect the internal circuitry from corrosive gases such as Chlorine,
Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide.



Schneider BMXCRA31210C Enhanced / Ethernet IO Processor Interface Module



Schneider BMXCRA31210C Enhanced / Ethernet IO Processor Interface Module

Schneider BMXCRA31210C Enhanced / Ethernet IO Processor Interface Module

The use of the product:

1. boiler Heating,

2.water, water treatment / environmental protection,

3.textile printing and dyeing,
Product's advantages:
1.Avoid unplanned downtime

2. Optimize plant operations

3.1 year warranty
Our advantages:
Distribution of various brands and specifications of a total of more than 300,000 kinds, and to business mode of operation, to reduce intermediate links for customers in the first time procurement to provide 'safe and efficient' logistics supply system.

We focus on providing customers with cost-effective industrial automation components to help customers improve return on investment, and we in the industrial control and electrical automation spare parts sales have a strong competitive position.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Does Moore keeps goods in stock or only trading?
A: We have large warehouse for goods. Keep lots of goods in warehouse, so could promise fast delivery.


2.Q:How long warranty does Moore can provide ?
A: Moore can provide 1 year warranty !


3.Q:Does Moore test the products before shipping ?
A:Yse , we have professional technology staff to test the goods before

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Schneider BMXCRA31210C Enhanced / Ethernet IO Processor Interface Module

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