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Analog Input Module Triconex Dcs Module 2658 MCP High Speed CAN Transceiver
  • Analog Input Module Triconex Dcs Module 2658 MCP High Speed CAN Transceiver

Analog Input Module Triconex Dcs Module 2658 MCP High Speed CAN Transceiver

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Triconex DCS Module
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 2658
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Triconex DCS Module System
Nuclear Power Plant
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In Stock
MCP High-Speed CAN Transceiver
3 Lbs
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communication module


analog input module

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new and original with factory sealed
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Product Description

Triconex Dcs Module 2658 MCP High-Speed CAN Transceiver New spot folding


Product Description:


The CAN bus has two states: Dominant and Recessive. A Dominant state occurs when the differential voltage between CANH and CANL is greater than a defined voltage (e.g.,1.2V). A Recessive state occurs when the differential voltage is less than a defined voltage (typically 0V). The Dominant and Recessive states correspond to the Low and High state of the TXD input pin, respectively. However, a Dominant state initiated by another CAN node will override a Recessive state on the CAN bus.

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Product's Character:


The MCP2658 CAN outputs will drive a minimum load of 45Ω, allowing a maximum of 112 nodes to be connected (given a minimum differential input resistance of 20 kΩ and a nominal termination resistor value of 120Ω).

The RXD output pin reflects the differential bus voltage between CANH and CANL. The Low and High states of the RXD output pin correspond to the Dominant and Recessive states of the CAN bus, respectively.


Analog Input Module Triconex Dcs Module 2658 MCP High Speed CAN Transceiver 0


The use of the product:

1.oil and gas,

2.transmission and distribution.

Product's advantages: architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources of energy!

2. new and original

3.1 year warranty
Our advantages:
Distribution of various brands and specifications of a total of more than 300,000 kinds, and to business mode of operation, to reduce intermediate links for customers in the first time procurement to provide 'safe and efficient' logistics supply system.

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