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Allen Bradley Modules 1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A quality and quantity
  • Allen Bradley Modules 1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A quality and quantity

Allen Bradley Modules 1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A quality and quantity

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Allen Bradley Modules
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 1784-PKTS
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Allen Bradley Modules
Nuclear Power Plant
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1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A
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allen bradley cpu


allen bradley plc 5

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Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A quality and quantity


Product Description:


Appendix B provides information about the Block Transfer messages supported by the Remote I/O communications module. In this appendix, you will read about the following: Block transfer status word.
Setting up data files for block transfer messages.Examples of block transfer messages. Block transfer quick reference. Important: This appendix provides detailed examples of block transfer messages. For information about block transfer messages, also refer to Chapter 5.Chapter 1 provides an overview of the
Remote I/O communications module (1203-GD1 module, 1203-GK1 module, and 1336-GM1 board). In this chapter, you will read about the following:Function of the module.Features of the module. Compatible SCANport products and programmable controllers. Parts and hardware of the module. Steps for setting up the module.Required tools and equipment.Description of the Remote I/O Communications Modules The Remote I/O communications module is an optional interface designed to provide a direct, digital link between an AB programmable controller and any one AB SCANport product. A module is required for each product that you want to connect to Remote I/O. There are three types of Remote I/O communications modules



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80190-380-02-R 1746-IA8 1785-L60L
80190-520-01-R 1746-IC16 1785-L80B
80190-560-01-R 1746-IH16 1785-L80C
80190-600-01-R 1746-IO12 1785-L80C15
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803624-093A/0-63000-100 1746-ITB16 1785-LTB
81000-199-51-R 1746-ITV16 1785-ME16
845H-SJDZ24FWY2C 1746-IV16 1785-ME32
917-0042 1746-IV32 1785-PFB
917-0050 1746-N2 1785-V40L
A26491-A D31705-1 1746-NI04I 1785-V40V
D31705-1 A26491-A 1746-NIO4V 1785-V80B
DSQC697 3HAC037084-001 1746-NO4I 1786-BNC
H-4050-P-H00AA 1746-NO4V 1786-RPA
IC697BEM711 1746-NR4 1786-RPFM
IC697PCM711 1746-NT4 1786-RPFRL
MPL-B310P-MJ72AA 1746-OA16 1786-RPFRXL
MPL-B310P-MJ74AA 1746-OAP12 1788-CN2FF
MVME 162-262 MVME162-262 1746-OB16E 1788-CNC
N-2302-1-F00AA 1746-OB8 1788-CNET
OCM-DPR-85-D-ST 1441-DYN25-2C 1788-ENBT
SP-151140 1441-DYN25-CAP 1790D-TN4V0
1426-M5E-DNT 1441-DYN25-CBL2CH 1791-16A0
1426-M6E 1441-DYN25-CBLHS 1791-16AC
1426-M6E-DNT 1441-DYN25-CD 1791-16BC
1440-5AFUSEKIT 1441-DYN25-M4CH 1793-OB16P
1440-ACNR 1441-DYN25-MBAL 1794-ACNR15
1440-DYN02-01RJ 1441-DYN25-MBMP 1794-CE1


Product's Character:


The name of the tag will reflect the name you assigned the earlier. The "C" sub-group contains the contents of the configuration assembly, which is not currently used in the 1203-CN1. The "O" subgroup contains one entry for each word of output data you configured, and the "I" sub-group contains one entry for each word of input data you configured. The "O" sub-group corresponds directly to output data for a PLC-5 described on page 5-2 of the 1203-CN1 user manual (i.e., for most common configurations, word 0 is the logic command, word 1 is the speed reference, words 2 and 3 are the first pair of data links, etc.). The "I" sub-group is similar to the input data for a PLC-5, except that it is shifted by two words (i.e., word 2 is the logic status, word 3 is the speed feedback, etc.). Words 0 and 1 of the "I" sub-group represent network status data sent by the 1203-CN1 but not processed directly by the ControlLogix processor. At this point, I/O between the ControlLogix processor and the 1203-CN1 should be configured and running, and the meaning of the various I/O words should be understood. If you need further assistance in configuring I/O, please contact technical support.


Allen Bradley Modules 1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A quality and quantity 0


1746-NO8V Analog Voltage Output Module AB
1746-NR4 RTD Input Module AB
1746-NR8 RTD Input Module AB
1746-NT4 Thermocouple Input Module AB
1746-NT8 Thermocouple Input Module AB
1746-OA16 120/240V AC Output Module AB
1746-OA8 120/240V AC Output Module AB

1746-OAP12 High Current 120/240V AC Output Module AB
1746-OB16 Current Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OB16E Isolated Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OB32 Current Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OB32E Isolated Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OB6EI Isolated Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OB8 Current Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OBP16 High Current Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OBP8 High Current Sourcing DC Output Module AB
1746-OG16 Current Sinking TTL Output Module AB
1746-OV16 Current Sinking DC Output Module AB
1746-OV32 Current Sinking DC Output Module AB
1746-OV8 Current Sinking DC Output Module AB
1746-OVP16 High Current Sinking DC Output Module AB
1746-OW16 Relay Output Modle AB
1746-OW4 Relay Output Modle AB
1746-OW8 Relay Output Modle AB
1746-OX8 Relay Output Modle AB
1746-P1 Power Supply Module AB
1746-P2 Power Supply Module AB
1746-P3 Power Supply Module -DC AB
1746-P4 Power Supply Module AB
1746-P5 Power Supply Module -DC AB
1746-P6 Power Supply Module -DC AB
1746-P7 Power Supply Module -DC AB
1746-QS Synchronized Axes Module AB
1746-QV Open-Loop Velocity Module AB
1746-SIM Input Simulator AB
1746SC-INI4I Analog Current Input Module Spectrum Controls
1746SC-INO4I Analog Current Output Module Spectrum Controls

Nikon 4T070-338-1 RY-RUTop Amplifier SPA494E NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-379 RX Amplifier SPA391A NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-341-1 RY-RDBtm Amplifier SPA494H Nikon NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-334-1 RY-LUTop Amplifier SPA494A NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-362-3 GCTX Amplifier KT002155-01 NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-336-1 RY-LDTop Amplifier SPA494C NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-340-1 RY-RDTop Amplifier SPA494G NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-337-1 RY-LDBtm Amplifier SPA494D NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-335-1 RY-LUBtm Amplifier SPA494B NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-359-1 EXX-F Amplifier SPA491A NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-339-1 RY-RUBtm Amplifier SPA494F NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4T070-348-3 FID-Y Amplifier KT002155-02 Nikon NSR-S620D used working

Nikon 4S013-684-1 RX Amplifier SPA371C Rev A1 used working

Nikon 4S013-684-1 CMTY-L Amplifier SPA476E Rev A1 used working

Yaskawa XU-DL1930 Amplifier 4S587-775 Nikon NSR-S307E used working


Allen Bradley Modules 1784-PKTS 1784 PKTS AB 1784PKTS SER A quality and quantity 1


The use of the product:


1.refrigeration industry.

2.municipal engineering,,

3 water, water treatment / environmental protection,

Product's advantages:

1.Improve efficiency


2.Provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

3.emission reduction


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1.We keep more than 10 thousands Transistors in warehouse, it could cut lead time of most items.


2.2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

3.Customer service in 1-4 hours. If there's any question, please contact with our sales.


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