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Allen Bradley Modules 1794-L34 1794L34 AB 1794 L34 FlexLogix 5434 Processor CPU ENET NetLinx Card

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Allen Bradley Modules
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: 1794-L34
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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Packaging Details: new and original with factory sealed
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Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Allen Bradley Modules
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: 1794-L34 1794L34 AB 1794 L34 FlexLogix 5434 Processor CPU ENET NetLinx Card Weight: 4lbs
High Light:

allen bradley cpu


allen bradley plc 5

Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1794-L34 1794L34 AB 1794 L34 FlexLogix 5434 Processor CPU ENET NetLinx Card


Product Description:


Bulletin 1305 drive parameter data can be programmed and displayed using PLC’s, SLC’s or other logic controllers using an optional Bulletin 1203 Communication Module. The amount of information that can be transferred between the drive and controller is determined by the DIP switch settings on theCommunication Module. Table B.1 illustrates the dip switch settings for Bulletin 1203-GD1 (Remote I/O) communication modules. Dip switch settings for other communication modules will be similar. Refer
to the appropriate communication module user manual for details.Important: 1305 drives with firmware revisions FRN1.01 and FRN1.02 are not compatible with Bulletin 1203 Communication Modules. If connected, an error message will be indicated. The red fault status and amber SCANport status LED’s on the front of the module will flash simultaneously.


Allen Bradley Modules 1794-L34 1794L34  AB 1794 L34 FlexLogix 5434 Processor CPU ENET NetLinx Card 0


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150-SD1NUR 1442-PS-0515M0010A 1746-P1


Product's Character:


After starting RSLogix 5000 and either starting a new project or opening an existing project, make sure
that you are OFFLINE with the ControlLogix processor. I/O configuration is only available when offline.
If you have not already defined the contents of your ControlLogix chassis under your project's "I/O
Configuration" folder, you will need to define the ControlNet bridge module at a minimum. Use the right
mouse button to click on the "I/O Configuration" folder, then choose "New Module" from the pop-up menu.From the dialog box that appears, choose the ControlNet bridge of the type (1756-CNB or 1756-CNBR)and series that you are using. In the next screen, you will need to name the ControlNet bridge and
indicate its position in the ControlLogix chassis (slot 0 is the leftmost).After defining the ControlNet bridge, use the right mouse button to click on the ControlNet bridge under"I/O configuration", then choose "New Module" from the pop-up menu





Allen Bradley Modules 1794-L34 1794L34  AB 1794 L34 FlexLogix 5434 Processor CPU ENET NetLinx Card 1



1756-L62/A Logix5562 Logix5562 Processor - 4MB Memory Allen-Bradley
1756-L62/B Logix5562 Logix5562 Processor - 4MB Memory Allen-Bradley
1756-OB16E/A Digital Fused Output Module - Series A Allen-Bradley
1756-PA72/A 1756-PA72 Power Supply - Series A Allen-Bradley
1756-PA72/B 1756-PA72 Power Supply - Series B Allen-Bradley
1756-PA72/C 1756-PA72 Power Supply - Series A Allen-Bradley
1761-CBL-PM02 Program Storage Device Cable Allen-Bradley
1761-L32BBB MicroLogix 1000 Unit Allen-Bradley
1762-IQ16 16PT 24VDC Power Supply Module Allen-Bradley
1762-MM1 MicroLogix Memory Module Allen-Bradley
1762-MM1RTC MicroLogix Memory and Real-Time Clock Module Allen-Bradley
1762-OF4 Analog Output Module Allen-Bradley
1762-OW16 16PT VAC/VDC Relay Output Allen-Bradley
1762-RTC MicroLogix Real-Time Clock Module Allen-Bradley
1764-24BWA MicroLogix 1500 Base Unit Allen-Bradley
1764-LRP Processor Allen-Bradley
1764-LSP Processor Module Allen-Bradley
1766-L32BWA Micro Logic Relay Output AC Power Allen-Bradley
1769-ECR Right End Cap Allen-Bradley
1769-IF4 Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1769-IQ16 Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1747-M1 1 K EEPROM Memory Module Allen-Bradley
1747-M11 Flash Memory Module - 32K Allen-Bradley
1747-M12 Flash Memory Module - 64K Allen-Bradley
1747-M13 64 K Flash EPROM Memory Module Allen-Bradley
1747-M15 Adapter Socket Allen-Bradley
1747-M2 4 K EEPROM Memory Module Allen-Bradley
1747-M5 Adapter Socket Allen-BradleyADVANCED MOTION CONTROLS MODEL X02BE12A6E


EMACS 2U 460W EPS-12V PSU p/n : P2G-6460P

CHECKPOINT C/PT VII CHASSIS with AC Power Supply (p/n # 014418)

APC AP9217 Master Switch Power Distribution Unit



Finisar FTLF8524P2BNL-MD 4GB Transceiver

SIEMENS 6ES7 193-0CA20-0XA0

HP HDMP-1646A Gigabit Fibre Channel IC Chip



SIEMENS P/N:32.1100.230-00



CAVIUM NETWORKS MODEL VBD-03-0200 Nitrox XL CN1120350NFB Security Acceleration

Industrial motherboard by IEI - IMBA-XQ354-R10+CPU+fan (PULLED)

Huber-Suhner emp protection 3400.17 0276l

Humphrey Solenoid H110-4E1-PSL-1L "24 volt" 2 IN1

Advantech PPC-100M + T/S Panel PC

ORTRONICS OR-838045326 48-Port Telco Patch Panel

INTEL PRO/1000 MF DUAL-PORT model: C41300-003

ADVANTECH POD-6716 REV.A1 p/n # 19C6671600

A10 NETWORKS AX-3200-11 App. Delivery Controller W /32-BIT SERVER LOAD BALANCER

Weinschel Engineering Binary Step Attenuator - model: AF-144-110-11


The use of the product:


2.electronics manufacturing,

3.automobile manufacturing,
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1.Customer service in 1-4 hours. If there's any question, please contact with our sales.

2.Experienced technichal support team.

3.365 days warranty for all the goods from us.


Our advantages:

1.Optimize plant operations

2.emission reduction

3.Avoid unplanned downtime

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1.Q:What about your lead time ?
A: We have many itmes in stock , 3-5 days you will receive it .


2.Q: Can you provide discount ?
A: Yes, we are glad to offer you dicount if you order more than 1 piece .


3.Q: Are the P/N latest?
A: Yes. All P/N are latest and date codes are in 2016 or 2017.



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