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Foxboro FBM214 P0914XQ FBM214 P0914 XQ

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : inquiry
Packaging Details : new and original with factory sealed Delivery Time : today
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 10 pieces a day
Place of Origin: USA Brand Name: Foxboro
Certification: CO.CQ Model Number: FBM214 P0914XQ

Detail Information

Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Foxboro
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: FBM214 P0914XQ FBM214 P0914 XQ Weight: 4lbs

Product Description

Foxboro FBM214 P0914XQ FBM214 P0914 XQ


Product Description:


Two serial connectors to simplify RS-485 multi-dropping and host communications Several analog or digital command interfaces: Indexing (absolute with the Homing feature, incremental, or
registration)10 Volt analog interface—position, velocity, or torque control Presets (from one to eight


binary inputs)—torque or velocity control Quadrature encoder digital interface—electronic gearing position follower Step/Direction digital interface—position control CW/CCW (step up/step down) interfaceposition control Operating mode override—alternate movement interface Host command digital


interface The ULTRA 100/200 drives host command protocol provides optional drive configuration using the drive serial communications interface. This powerful feature allows your controller to access all of the drive digital controls using sequences of ASCII characters. The protocol includes error checking to

ensure the integrity of the transmitted commands. In installations that have multiple axes, up to 32 ULTRA 100/200 drives can be addressed by a host computer. These drives communicate with the host
computer using a four-wire RS-485 serial interface. The host command protocol includes specific drive


addressing, which allows the host to communicate with all the connected drives concurrently.




Contact Information:


Contact:Miya ( manager)

Q Q: 2851195450
Skype: miyazheng520
Mobile:86-18020776792 ( what's app )


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QLCCM24AAN A5E00282046 MTAP2 PCB-00322-REVD CMX45
QLSAMBAN 16133-79/6 C-5 VER.3 A702699T NDR096RTP871 X0417 PCB
R15E02A186 COM5V2 X0420 B 105A 87-3 NDR096RTP865 PCB
RD63F200 KNS 51.14-2D Y6XC24 NDR064RTP869 PCB
RMS-TSG-TZ-C D-35614 Y6ZA08 R8520 NDR064RTP86Z
RMS-TSIG-TZ D-35614 PKR 251 Y72A03 R8520 NDR064RTP872
RMS-TSIG-TZ-C 4535 670 73831 4535 670 06391 DPM-GS-2GW-S
RMS-TSIG-TZ-R 9.40622E+11 A413125 AIU8
U-08B IBS RT 24 DIO 16/16-T A413135 AOU4
U-55N IBS RT 24DI /16-T A413160 FIU1
U-55T IBSS5DSC/I-T 2752000 A413280 CPR1
ULTRAMAT 23 7MB2331-0BP00-2CA0 RFC 430 ETH-IB 2730190 A413285 BIR82
1C31147G01 OCX-CTN-13-R-D-ST-ACV A413294 BOR86
JW-212SA OCX-CTN-85-R-D-ST-24V A413295 AIR8C


Advanced multi-processor design for leading-edge velocity loop bandwidth, fully digital current, velocity, and position loopsLarge-scale integration with custom ASICs and IPMs for performance and reliabilityA 16-bit A/D convertor for precise velocity command input Flash memory for simple field upgrades A


personality module to store setup parameters and simplify drive replacement Reduced component count for reliability Internally-shielded filters for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Four dedicated I/O plus eight user-selectable, optically isolated digital inputs and outputs (sourcing/active high):Two dedicated


inputs Two dedicated outputs Four user-selectable inputs Four user-selectable outputs Two analog

inputs for external current limit Two analog outputs for variable monitoring or torque sharing The purpose of this manual is to provide the user with the necessary information to install, program, start up and


maintain the Bulletin 1305 drive. To assure successful installation and operation, the material presented must be thoroughly read and understood before proceeding. Particular attention must be directed to the ATTENTION and Important statements contained within.


Foxboro FBM214 P0914XQ FBM214 P0914 XQ


FSI Excalibur ISR Operation & Maintenance Manual

FSI Excalibur ISR & EOS Systems SECS/GEM implemntation Manual 912629

KLA 8100 PCB 830-10172-000 Rev 3

KLA TENCOR 6420 6400 Calibration Procedure Manual

KLA SURFSCAN 7700 Quartz chuck 150mm - Used

KLA 7700m 174203 Rev D PCB Flat finder pwd Driver

KLA Tencor 7700M robot dist PCB


CANON BH8-1980-01 EASRCD Board

BROOKS Mass Flow Controller 5850 N2, lot of 4

Canon Chuck Tool Chuck Tool for EX3, EX4, i4, i5

KLA Tencor 244143 REV B PCB ADC PFE I/F 576 ASSY

KLA 710-40xx PIN DIODE PRE AMP Used, working condition KLA 7700

KLA 750-404260 Bit3 403-202 82002045 KLA 7700 parts used working condition

Ami Presco B390.05 belt

KLA 7700m Mouse & PCB 240C

Semco Rack Solar Wafer boat (156mm) Quartz Rack/Holder

Anaheim Automation 23D306S Stepper motor 3.4VDC 2.9A

Bimba Ultran US-1737.125-S Rodless Pneumatic Actuator

Bimba Ultran US-1734.125-S Rodless Pneumatic Actuator


KLA 94337528 7700m Pittmann Motor 94337528 Microscope driver

KLA 7700m two cables 7 brackets

FSI Proteus 11 Manual

KLA 7700m 099660 Handler back plane PCB

KLA 7700m 199958 Rev F PCB PSF Driver SFS75

KLA 7700m Front Panel PCB

KLA Tencor 7700M 181830 Rev D, National Instruments AT-GPIB/TNT

FSI Excalibur Manual 905364-200 Prints and product structures

FSI Excalibur ISR & EOS Manual for sale

FSI Proteus 11 Manual

FSI Excalibur ISR Operation & Maintenance Manual

FSI Excalibur ISR & EOS Systems SECS/GEM implemntation Manual 912629

KLA 8100 PCB 830-10172-000 Rev 3

KLA TENCOR 6420 6400 Calibration Procedure Manual

KLA SURFSCAN 7700 Quartz chuck 150mm - Used

KLA 7700m 174203 Rev D PCB Flat finder pwd Driver

FSI Chemfill systems Manual for sale

Busch DS 700 A DS 700 pump rebuild kit *NEW OEM*

JDS Uniphase 2214-30SLQTT

MAC Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 225B-111BAAA



92206 NEW, Enidine FP9599 Shock Absorber, 5-1/8" Length, 1" OD

HTC ISO63-100DWCA Double Claw Clamp sheet of 7 each

KLA 7700m EMO Switch

ITW Texwipe TX 5377 HydroCell Nodule Brush QTY3 For EBARA FREX200


The use of the product:


1.textile machinery,


2.feed industry,

3.Experienced technichal support team.

Product's advantages:
1.Customer service in 1-4 hours. If there's any question, please contact with our sales.


2.Avoid unplanned downtime

3.textile printing and dyeing,


Our advantages: architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources of energy!

2.Avoid unplanned downtime

3.365 days warranty for all the goods from us.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Q: Do you provide warranty for the goods?
A: Yes, we provide warranty for all the goods from us.



2.We're in this field more than 12 years. If there's any problem, please contact with us,we'll provide suggestion from our engineer to help you solve problem.


3.Q:How long warranty does Moore can provide ?
A: Moore can provide 1 year warranty !


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