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Allen Bradley Modules 1305-BA09A-HA2 1305BA09AHA2 AB 1305 BA09A HA2 VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE long life
  • Allen Bradley Modules 1305-BA09A-HA2 1305BA09AHA2 AB 1305 BA09A HA2 VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE long life

Allen Bradley Modules 1305-BA09A-HA2 1305BA09AHA2 AB 1305 BA09A HA2 VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE long life

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Allen Bradley Modules
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 1305-BA09A-HA2
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Control System:
ABB Module System
Nuclear Power Plant
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allen bradley plc 5


controlnet bridge module

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Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1305-BA09A-HA2 1305BA09AHA2 AB 1305 BA09A HA2 VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE long life


Product Description:


All parameters required for any given drive function will be contained within a group, eliminating the need to changegroups to complete a function.To help differentiate parameter names and display text from
other text in this manual, the following conventions will be used – Parameter Names will appear in [Brackets] – Display Text will appear in “Quotes.” Parameter information in this chapter is presented for users who have a Human Interface Module (HIM) installed. For those users without a HIM installed, the drive can be operated using the factory default values for each parameter or parameter values can be changed through the serial port. FUNCTION INDEX The Function Index shown provides a directory of various drive functions. The Page Number will direct you to the parameters associated with each function.


Allen Bradley Modules 1305-BA09A-HA2 1305BA09AHA2 AB 1305 BA09A HA2 VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE long life 0


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Product's Character:


Manual, gives an overall description of the Bulletin 1305 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive (herein called “the drive”) and provides a listing of key drive options. Additionally, this chapter provides information on receiving and handling the drive. MANUAL OBJECTIVES The purpose of this manual is to provide the user with the necessary information to install, program, start up and maintain the Bulletin 1305 drive. To assure successful installation and operation, the material presented must be thoroughly read and
understood before proceeding. Particular attention must be directed to the ATTENTION and Important statements contained within. Chapter 2 provides instructions on how to mount and wire the drive. It also describes how to operate the drive without a Human Interface Module. Read the Motor Cable Length section on pages 2-13 – 2-16, and the contact closure inputs information in the Control Terminal Block descriptions on pages 2-19 – 2-21. Chapter 3 defines the display and control panel keys on the optional Human Interface Module. A flowchart is provided to guide the user through the key strokes of the various menu levels.




Allen Bradley Modules 1305-BA09A-HA2 1305BA09AHA2 AB 1305 BA09A HA2 VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE long life 1



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1771-IAD Digital Input Module AB
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1771-IBN Digital Input Module AB
1771-IC Digital Input Module AB
1771-ID Digital Input Module AB
1771-ID01 Digital Input Module AB
1771-ID16 Digital Input Module AB
1771-IE Analog Input Module AB
1771-IFE Analog Input Module AB
1771-IFF Analog Input Module AB
1771-IFMS Analog Input Module AB
1771-IG TTL Input Module AB
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1771-IH Digital Input Module AB
1771-IJ Encoder/Counter Module AB
1771-IK Encoder/Counter Module AB
1771-IL Analog Input Module AB
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1771-IN Digital Input Module AB
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1771-IQ16 Digital Input Module AB
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1771-IXHR Analog Input Module AB
1771-KA2 Data Highway Communications Adaptor AB
1771-KG Data Highway Communications Module AB
1771-NB4S Analog Combination Module AB


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2.electronics manufacturing,

3.automobile manufacturing,

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