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Allen Bradley Modules 1336-L6/B 1336 L6/B AB 1336 L6B CONTROL INTERFACE BOARD auto ancillary
  • Allen Bradley Modules 1336-L6/B 1336 L6/B AB 1336 L6B  CONTROL INTERFACE BOARD auto ancillary

Allen Bradley Modules 1336-L6/B 1336 L6/B AB 1336 L6B CONTROL INTERFACE BOARD auto ancillary

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Allen Bradley Modules
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 1336-L6/B
Product Details
Manufacture Year:
Control System:
ABB Module System
Nuclear Power Plant
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allen bradley plc 5


controlnet bridge module

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Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1336-L6/B 1336 L6/B AB 1336 L6B CONTROL INTERFACE BOARD auto ancillary


Product Description:


After starting RSLogix 5000 and either starting a new project or opening an

existing project, make sure
that you are OFFLINE with the ControlLogix processor. I/O configuration is only

available when offline.
If you have not already defined the contents of your ControlLogix chassis under

your project's "I/O
Configuration" folder, you will need to define the ControlNet bridge module at a

minimum. Use the right
mouse button to click on the "I/O Configuration" folder, then choose "New

Module" from the pop-up menu.From the dialog box that appears, choose the

ControlNet bridge of the type (1756-CNB or 1756-CNBR)and series that you are

using. In the next screen, you will need to name the ControlNet bridge and
indicate its position in the ControlLogix chassis (slot 0 is the leftmost).After

defining the ControlNet bridge, use the right mouse button to click on the

ControlNet bridge under"I/O configuration", then choose "New Module" from the

pop-up menu



Allen Bradley Modules 1336-L6/B 1336 L6/B AB 1336 L6B  CONTROL INTERFACE BOARD auto ancillary 0


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Product's Character:


Advanced multi-processor design for leading-edge velocity loop bandwidth, fully digital current, velocity, and position loopsLarge-scale integration with custom ASICs and IPMs for performance
and reliabilityA 16-bit A/D convertor for precise velocity command input Flash memory for simple field upgrades A personality module to store setup parameters and simplify drive replacement Reduced component count for reliability Internally-shielded filters for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Four dedicated I/O plus eight user-selectable, optically isolated digital inputs and outputs (sourcing/active high):Two dedicated inputs Two dedicated outputs Four user-selectable inputs Four user-selectable outputs Two analog inputs for external current limit Two analog outputs for variable monitoring or torque sharing The purpose of this manual is to provide the user with the necessary information to install, program, start up and maintain the Bulletin 1305 drive. To assure successful installation and operation, the material presented must be thoroughly read and understood before proceeding. Particular attention must be directed to the ATTENTION and Important statements contained within.




Allen Bradley Modules 1336-L6/B 1336 L6/B AB 1336 L6B  CONTROL INTERFACE BOARD auto ancillary 1



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1771-NIVR Analog Input Module AB
1771-NIVT Analog Input Module AB
1771-NOC Analog Output Module AB
1771-NOV Analog Output Module AB
1771-NOV A High Resolution Isolated Analog Module AB


The use of the product:


1.feed industry,

2.transmission and distribution.

3.Power industry,

Product's advantages:

1.365 days warranty for all the goods from us.

2.We keep more than 10 thousands Transistors in warehouse, it could cut lead time of most items.

3.Customer service in 1-4 hours. If there's any question, please contact with our sales.


Our advantages:


1.365 days warranty for all the goods from us.

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A: yes ,they are new and original


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A: Moore can provide 1 year warranty !


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