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Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE
  • Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE

Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Allen Bradley Modules
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 1747-AICR
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ABB Module System
Nuclear Power Plant
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1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module
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allen bradley plc 5


controlnet bridge module

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Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE


Product Description:


For the requested packet interval, enter the number of milliseconds desired between each I/O message
between the ControlLogix processor and the 1203-CN1. The 1203-CN1 can handle a packet interval as
low as 5 milliseconds; therefore, make sure that this value is set to at least Click the "Finish" button to
complete the configuration of the I/O connection in RSLogix 5000. At this point, download your configuration to the ControlLogix processor, then exit RSLogix 5000. To actually schedule the I/O, you will need to start RSNetWorx for ControlNet. Once RSNetWorx starts, go online to the ControlNet network
containing the ControlLogix chassis and 1203-CN1 being configured. Turn on the "Enable Edits" check box, then save the network. This causes the I/O connection created in RSLogix 5000 to be scheduled in the ControlLogix processor. After a few seconds, the I/O LED on the ControlLogix processor and the module LED on the 1203-CN1 should stop blinking and remain green. If they do not, it could indicate a number of I/O-related problems


Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE 0


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Product's Character:


After starting RSLogix 5000 and either starting a new project or opening an existing project, make sure
that you are OFFLINE with the ControlLogix processor. I/O configuration is only available when offline.
If you have not already defined the contents of your ControlLogix chassis under your project's "I/O
Configuration" folder, you will need to define the ControlNet bridge module at a minimum. Use the right
mouse button to click on the "I/O Configuration" folder, then choose "New Module" from the pop-up menu.From the dialog box that appears, choose the ControlNet bridge of the type (1756-CNB or 1756-CNBR)and series that you are using. In the next screen, you will need to name the ControlNet bridge and
indicate its position in the ControlLogix chassis (slot 0 is the leftmost).After defining the ControlNet bridge, use the right mouse button to click on the ControlNet bridge under"I/O configuration", then choose "New Module" from the pop-up menu






Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE 1



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Allen Bradley Modules 1747-AICR 1747AICR AB 1747 AICR CPU Module DHL FREE 2


The use of the product:


1.refrigeration industry.


2.transmission and distribution.

3.combustion control systems,

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2. new and original

3.1 year warranty


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