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Allen Bradley Modules 1770-XYC 1770XYC AB 1770 XYC GENUINE electricity

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Allen Bradley Modules
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: 1770-XYC
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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Packaging Details: new and original with factory sealed
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Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Allen Bradley Modules
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: 1770-XYC 1770XYC AB 1770 XYC GENUINE Weight: 4lbs
High Light:

allen bradley cpu


allen bradley plc 5

Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1770-XYC 1770XYC AB 1770 XYC GENUINE electricity


Product Description:


Advanced multi-processor design for leading-edge velocity loop bandwidth, fully digital current, velocity, and position loopsLarge-scale integration with custom ASICs and IPMs for performance and reliabilityA 16-bit A/D convertor for precise velocity command input Flash memory for simple field upgrades A personality module to store setup parameters and simplify drive replacement Reduced component count for reliability Internally-shielded filters for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Four dedicated I/O plus eight user-selectable, optically isolated digital inputs and outputs (sourcing/active high):Two dedicated inputs Two dedicated outputs Four user-selectable inputs Four user-selectable outputs Two analog inputs for external current limit Two analog outputs for variable monitoring or torque sharing The purpose of this manual is to provide the user with the necessary information to install, program, start up and maintain the Bulletin 1305 drive. To assure successful installation and operation, the material presented must be thoroughly read and understood before proceeding. Particular attention must be directed to the ATTENTION and Important statements contained within.


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1756-L61S 152H-C201XBD-52-8B 1440-5AFUSEKIT
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1756-L62S 152H-C25XBD-41 1440-DYN02-01RJ
1756-L63 152H-C25XBD-42 1440-PK02-05M0
1756-L63/A 152H-C317XBD-54 1440-REX00-04RD
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1756-L64 152H-C317XBD-56-8B 1440-SDM02-01RA
1756-L65 152H-C317XBD-56-8L 1440-SPD02-01RB
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1756-L71S 152H-C361XBD-57-8L 1440-TPS02-01RB
1756-L72 152H-C43XBD-43 1440-TTC06-00RE
1756-L72S 152H-C43XBD-44 1440-TUN06-00RE
1756-L74 152H-C43XBD-45 1440-VAD02-01RA
1756-L75 152H-C480XBD-58 1440-VDRP06-00RH
1756-L7SP 152H-C480XBD-58-8B 1440-VDRS06-00RH
1756-LSC8XIB8I 152H-C480XBD-58-8L 1440-VDRS06-06RH
1756-L1M2 152H-C480XBD-59 1440-VLF02-01RA
1756-L1M3 152H-C480XBD-59-8B 1440-VSE02-01RA
1756-L55 152H-C480XBD-59-8L 1441-DYN25-2C
1756-L55M12 152H-C85FBD-47 1441-DYN25-CAP
1756-L55M13 152H-C85XBD-46 1771-NR
1756-L55M14 152H-C85XBD-47 1771-OBD
1756-L55M16 152H-C85XBD-47-8B 1771-OQ16
1756-L55M22 152H-C85XBD-47-8L 1775-S5
1756-L55M23 152H-C85XBD-48 1775-SR
1756-L55M24 152H-C85XBD-48-8B 1783-BMS10CGA
1746-OW4 1485C-P1CG50 1784-CF64
1746-OX8 1442-EC-5080A 1784-KTCS
150-SM4 1441-DYN25-MFRF 1784-KTCX15
MPL-B310P-MJ72AA 1441-DYN25-MREC 1784-KTX
MPL-B310P-MJ74AA 1441-DYN25-MRUC 1784-KTXD
MVME 162-262 MVME162-262 1441-DYN25-PS 1784-PCC/B
N-2302-1-F00AA 1441-DYN25-Z-2C  


Product's Character:


The ground conductor of the motor cable should be connected to the drive ground (GRD) terminal directly. Connecting this ground conductor to a cabinet ground point or ground bus bar may cause high frequency current to circulate in the ground system of the enclosure. The motor end of this ground
conductor must be solidly connected to the motor case ground. Shielded or armored cable may be used to guard against radiated emissions from the motor cable. The shield or armor should be connected to the drive ground terminal and the motor ground as outlined in the Grounding section of this Installation
chapter. Common mode chokes are recommended at the drive output to reduce the common mode noise. An RFI filter can be used and in most situations provides an effective reduction of RFI emissions that may be conducted into the main supplylines. If the installation combines a drive with sensitive devices or circuits,it is recommended that the lowest possible drive PWM frequency be programmed.




Allen Bradley Modules 1770-XYC 1770XYC AB 1770 XYC GENUINE electricity 0


1745-C2 Interconnect Cable Allen-Bradley
1745-C2 B Interconnect Cable, Series B Allen-Bradley
1745-C3 SLC 150 Interconnect Cable Allen-Bradley
1745-C3 A SLC 150 Interconnect Cable, Series A Allen-Bradley
1745-E101 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E102 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E103 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E104 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E105 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E106 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E107 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E151 SLC 150 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E152 SLC 150 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E153 SLC 150 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E154 SLC 150 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
C SLC 150 High Speed Input Module Allen-Bradley
1745-E156 SLC 150 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-E157 SLC 150 Expansion Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP101 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP102 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP103 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP104 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP151 SLC 150 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP152 SLC 150 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP153 SLC 150 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP154 SLC150 SLC 150 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP156 SLC 150 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-LP157 SLC 150 Processor Unit Allen-Bradley
1745-M1-- EEPROM Memory Module Allen-Bradley
1745-PCC SLC Personal Computer Interface Converter Allen-Bradley

1745-PT1 Hand Held Programmer Allen-Bradley
1745-TCAT TCAT SLC-100 Timer Counter Access Terminal Allen-Bradley
1746-A10 10-Slot Chassis Allen-Bradley
1746-A13 13-Slot Chassis Allen-Bradley
1746-A2 2-Slot Expansion Rack Allen-Bradley
1746-A4 4-Slot Chassis Allen-Bradley



Allen Bradley Modules 1770-XYC 1770XYC AB 1770 XYC GENUINE electricity 1


The use of the product:


1.water, water treatment / environmental protection,


3 water, water treatment / environmental protection,

Product's advantages:

1.365 days warranty for all the goods from us.

2.Optimize plant operations

3.emission reduction


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1. Avoid unplanned downtime


2.2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

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