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Allen Bradley Modules 1785-V80B 1785 V80B AB 1785V80B Processor Module Vme / Plc 5

Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Allen Bradley Modules
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: 1785-V40L
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: inquiry
Packaging Details: new and original with factory sealed
Delivery Time: today
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 pieces a day

Detail Information

Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Allen Bradley Modules
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: 1785-V80B 1785 V80B AB 1785V80B PROCESSOR MODULE VME/PLC5 Tobacco Weight: 4lbs
High Light:

allen bradley cpu


allen bradley plc 5

Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1785-V80B 1785 V80B AB 1785V80B PROCESSOR MODULE VME/PLC5 tobacco


Product Description:


All parameters required for any given drive function will be contained within a group, eliminating the need to changegroups to complete a function.To help differentiate parameter names and display text from
other text in this manual, the following conventions will be used – Parameter Names will appear in [Brackets] – Display Text will appear in “Quotes.” Parameter information in this chapter is presented for users who have a Human Interface Module (HIM) installed. For those users without a HIM installed, the
drive can be operated using the factory default values for each parameter or parameter values can be changed through the serial port. FUNCTION INDEX The Function Index shown provides a directory of various drive functions. The Page Number will direct you to the parameters associated with each function.


Allen Bradley Modules 1785-V80B 1785 V80B AB 1785V80B Processor Module Vme / Plc 5 0



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1442-PS-0560E0010A 1440-TB-A 1746-OW4


Product's Character:


Appendix B provides information about the Block Transfer messages supported by the Remote I/O communications module. In this appendix, you will read about the following: Block transfer status word.
Setting up data files for block transfer messages.Examples of block transfer messages. Block transfer quick reference. Important: This appendix provides detailed examples of block transfer messages. For information about block transfer messages, also refer to Chapter 5.Chapter 1 provides an overview of the
Remote I/O communications module (1203-GD1 module, 1203-GK1 module, and 1336-GM1 board). In this chapter, you will read about the following:Function of the module.Features of the module. Compatible SCANport products and programmable controllers. Parts and hardware of the module. Steps for setting up the module.Required tools and equipment.Description of the Remote I/O Communications Modules The Remote I/O communications module is an optional interface designed to provide a direct, digital link between an AB programmable controller and any one AB SCANport product. A module is required for each product that you want to connect to Remote I/O. There are three types of Remote I/O communications modules




Allen Bradley Modules 1785-V80B 1785 V80B AB 1785V80B Processor Module Vme / Plc 5 1



1793-IV16S Digital Input Module AB
1793-OB16P Digital Output Module AB
1793-OB16PS Digital Output Module AB
1793-OB4P Digital Output Module AB
1793-OB4PS Digital Output Module AB
1793-OE2 Analog Output Module AB
1793-OE2S Analog Output Module AB
1793-OV16P Digital Output Module AB
1793-OV16PS Digital Output Module AB
1793-OW4 Relay Contact Output Module AB
1793-OW4S Relay Contact Output Module AB
1794-ACN15 ControlNet Adaptor AB
1794-ACN15K ControlNet Adaptor AB
1794-ACNR15 ControlNet Adaptor AB
1794-ACNR15XT ControlNet Adaptor AB
1794-ADN DeviceNet Adaptor AB
1794-ADNK DeviceNet Adaptor AB
1794-AENT Ethernet Adaptor AB
1794-AENTR Ethernet Adaptor AB
1794-AENTRXT Ethernet Adaptor AB
1794-APB Profibus DP Adaptor AB
1794-APBDPV1 Profibus DP V1 Adaptor AB
1794-ASB 96265871,960404877 Remote I/O Adaptor AB
1794-ASB2 Remote I/O Adaptor AB
1794-CE1 Extender Cable AB
1794-IA16 Digital Input Module AB
1794-IA8 Digital Input Module AB
1794-IA8I Digital Input Module AB
1794-IB10XOB6 Digital Input/Output Module AB
1794-IB10XOB6XT Digital Input/Output Module AB

ASM 2506661-21 Circuit Board Revision B1 Used Working

ASM 2506416-21 Circuit Board Revision B Used Working

ASM 2506661-21 Circuit Board Revision C Used Working

AMAT 0200-76058 Quartz Pedestal Large Pin Diameter 300mm cleaned used working

ASM 1001-524-21 Circuit Board Revision A Used Working

ASM 2856735-21 Circuit Board Revision A2 Used Working

ASM 2506475-21 Circuit Board Revision A1 Used Working

ASM 2506572-21 Circuit Board Revision A1 Used Working

ASM 2890224-21 Circuit Board Revision A Used Working

ASM 2334801-21 Circuit Board Revision B Used Working

ASM 2510200-21 Circuit Board Revision B Used Working

ASM 2548860-21 Circuit Board Revision A Used Working

ASM 2616351-21 Circuit Board Revision A Used Working

ASM 2506513-21 Circuit Board Revision A1 Used Working

ASM 2506564-21 Circuit Board Revision A5 Used Working

ASM 2506629-21 Circuit Board Revision 4-C Used Working

ASM 73055-72359 Exhaust Duct CBS-RC1 used working


The use of the product:


1.plastic machinery,

2.oil and gas,

3. petrochemical,

Product's advantages:

1. Avoid unplanned downtime

2. new and original

3.1 year warranty


Our advantages:


1.emission reduction


2.2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

3.Risk-free guarantee, 60 days refund. If the item you purchase from our store are not of perfected quality, simply return them to us for replacement or refund.

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1.Q: What is the capacity of your warehouse?
A: We have 1-2Mil USD safe stocks and 3 warehouses, which located Xiamen, Shenzhen & Hongkong.


2.Q:Does Moore test the products before shipping ?
A:Yse , we have professional technology staff to test the goods before


3.Q:How about the payment terms ?
A:We frequently use T/T

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