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Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OB8 1794 OB8 Output Module

Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Allen Bradley Modules
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: 1794-OB8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: inquiry
Packaging Details: new and original with factory sealed
Delivery Time: today
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 pieces a day

Detail Information

Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Allen Bradley Modules
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: 1794-OB8 1794 OB8 Output Module Weight: 4lbs
High Light:

allen bradley plc 5


controlnet bridge module

Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OB8 1794 OB8 Output Module


Product Description:


The Remote I/O communications module allows a SCANport product to look and act like a Remote I/O chassis when connected to a programmable controller. Data contained in the input/output image table is transferred between the programmable controller by the Remote I/O scanner, the same as with any Remote I/O chassis. You control the location of data transferred by setting the rack address and
starting group. You control the amount of data by setting the DIP switches on SW3. Important: Thecommunications module does not scale the data that is transferred. Consequently, all scaling of the data must be done in the controller. Refer to the user manual for your SCANport product for details on
device units. Important: The Remote I/O to SCANport conversion is asynchronous. Data sent to the adapter for transfer to the drive must be maintained until the drive has received data.DIP switches on SW3 determine how the data contained in the programmable controller I/O image table is used in the drive. Figure shows an I/O image table.



Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OB8 1794 OB8  Output Module 0



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Product's Character:


For the requested packet interval, enter the number of milliseconds desired between each I/O message
between the ControlLogix processor and the 1203-CN1. The 1203-CN1 can handle a packet interval as
low as 5 milliseconds; therefore, make sure that this value is set to at least Click the "Finish" button to
complete the configuration of the I/O connection in RSLogix 5000. At this point, download your configuration to the ControlLogix processor, then exit RSLogix 5000. To actually schedule the I/O, you will need to start RSNetWorx for ControlNet. Once RSNetWorx starts, go online to the ControlNet network
containing the ControlLogix chassis and 1203-CN1 being configured. Turn on the "Enable Edits" check box, then save the network. This causes the I/O connection created in RSLogix 5000 to be scheduled in the ControlLogix processor. After a few seconds, the I/O LED on the ControlLogix processor and the module LED on the 1203-CN1 should stop blinking and remain green. If they do not, it could indicate a number of I/O-related problems




Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OB8 1794 OB8  Output Module 1



1746-A2 2-Slot Expansion Rack AB
1746-A4 4-Slot Chassis AB
1746-A7 7-Slot Chassis AB
1746-BAS BASIC Language Module AB
1746-BAS-T BASIC Language Module - High Speed AB
1746-BLM Blow Molding Module AB
1746-BTM Barrel Temperature Module AB
1746-C16 Chassis Interconnect Cable AB
1746-C9 Chassis Interconnect Cable AB
1746-FIO4I Fast Analog Input/Output Module AB
1746-FIO4V Fast Analog Input/Output Module AB
1746-HS Motion Controller Module AB
1746-HSCE High Speed Counter Module AB
1746-HSCE2 Multi-Channel High Speed Counter Module AB
1746-HSRV Servo Control Module AB
1746-HSTP1 Stepper Control Module AB
1746-HT Termination Panel AB
1746-IA16 120V AC Input Module AB
1746-IA4 120V AC Input Module AB
1746-IA8 120V AC Input Module AB
1746-IB16 Current Sinking DC Input Module AB
1746-IB32 Current Sinking DC Input Module AB
1746-IB8 Current Sinking DC Input Module AB
1746-IC16 Current Sinking DC Input Module AB
1746-IG16 Current Sourcing TTL Input Module AB
1746-IH16 Current Sinking DC Input Module AB

1746-IM16 240V AC Input Module AB
1746-IM4 240V AC Input Module AB
1746-IM8 240V AC Input Module AB
1746-IN16 24V AC/DC Input Module AB
1746-INT4 Thermocouple Input Module AB
1746-IO12 Combination Input/Output Module AB
1746-IO4 Combination Input/Output Module AB
1746-IO8 Combination Input/Output Module AB

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The use of the product:


1. new and original

2.1 year warranty

3.Improve efficiency

Product's advantages:

1. new and original

2.1 year warranty

3.Improve efficiency


Our advantages:


1.We keep more than 10 thousands Transistors in warehouse, it could cut lead time of most items.


2.2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

3.Risk-free guarantee, 60 days refund. If the item you purchase from our store are not of perfected quality, simply return them to us for replacement or refund.

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1.Q:How about the payment terms ?
A:We frequently use T/T


2.Q:What about your shipping terms ?
A: We can ship by DHL,UPS,FEDEX,ARAMAX,TNT,and so on


3.Q:What about your lead time ?
A: We have many itmes in stock , 3-5 days you will receive it .


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