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Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module
  • Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module

Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Allen Bradley Modules
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 1794-OF4I
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Allen Bradley Modules
Nuclear Power Plant
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1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module
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Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module


Product Description:


Bulletin 1305 drive parameter data can be programmed and displayed using PLC’s, SLC’s or other logic controllers using an optional Bulletin 1203 Communication Module. The amount of information that can be transferred between the drive and controller is determined by the DIP switch settings on theCommunication Module. Table B.1 illustrates the dip switch settings for Bulletin 1203-GD1 (Remote I/O) communication modules. Dip switch settings for other communication modules will be similar. Refer
to the appropriate communication module user manual for details.Important: 1305 drives with firmware revisions FRN1.01 and FRN1.02 are not compatible with Bulletin 1203 Communication Modules. If connected, an error message will be indicated. The red fault status and amber SCANport status LED’s on the front of the module will flash simultaneously.



Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module 0



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80190-600-01-R 1746-FIO4V 1440-ACNR


Product's Character:


All parameters required for any given drive function will be contained within a group, eliminating the need to changegroups to complete a function.To help differentiate parameter names and display text from
other text in this manual, the following conventions will be used – Parameter Names will appear in [Brackets] – Display Text will appear in “Quotes.” Parameter information in this chapter is presented for users who have a Human Interface Module (HIM) installed. For those users without a HIM installed, the
drive can be operated using the factory default values for each parameter or parameter values can be changed through the serial port. FUNCTION INDEX The Function Index shown provides a directory of various drive functions. The Page Number will direct you to the parameters associated with each function.





Allen Bradley Modules 1794-OF4I 1794 OF4I AB 1794-OF4I Isolated Analog Output Module 1



1771-IBN Digital Input Module AB
1771-IC Digital Input Module AB
1771-ID Digital Input Module AB
1771-ID01 Digital Input Module AB
1771-ID16 Digital Input Module AB
1771-IE Analog Input Module AB
1771-IFE Analog Input Module AB
1771-IFF Analog Input Module AB
1771-IFMS Analog Input Module AB
1771-IG TTL Input Module AB
1771-IGD TTL Input Module AB
1771-IH Digital Input Module AB
1771-IJ Encoder/Counter Module AB
1771-IK Encoder/Counter Module AB
1771-IL Analog Input Module AB
1771-IM Digital Input Module AB
1771-IN Digital Input Module AB
1771-IND Digital Input Module AB
1771-IQ Digital Input Module AB
1771-IQ16 Digital Input Module AB
1771-IQC Digital Input Module AB
1771-IR Analog Input Module AB
1771-IS Digital Input Module AB

1771-IT Digital Input Module AB
1771-IV Digital Input Module AB
1771-IVN Digital Input Module AB
1771-IXE Analog Input Module AB
1771-IXHR Analog Input Module AB
1771-KA2 Data Highway Communications Adaptor AB
1771-KG Data Highway Communications Module AB
1771-NB4S Analog Combination Module AB
1771-NB4T Analog Combination Module AB
1771-NBRC Analog Combination Module AB
1771-NBSC Analog Combination Module AB
1771-NBTC Analog Combination Module AB
1771-NBV1 Analog Combination Module Allen-Bradl

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Turck-Releco C2-A20X Relay 10A 240V Coil 120V

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Potter & Brumfield K10P-11D15-24 Relay 24 VDC

idec RY4S-UL Relay AC110/120V 50/60 Hz

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Potter & Brumfield KU93-4267-1 Relay 24V 50/60 Hz HN61KL023B

Omron MY4 Relay 24 VAC

Omron MY4 (S) Relay 24 VDC


The use of the product:


1. textile printing and dyeing,

2.1 year warranty

3.Improve efficiency

Product's advantages:

1. provides integrated control, power, safety,
and information solutions for complete plant-wide control in a scalable,

2.1 year warranty

3.Improve efficiency


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