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Allen Bradley Modules 1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S I/O Terminal Base
  • Allen Bradley Modules 1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S  I/O Terminal Base

Allen Bradley Modules 1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S I/O Terminal Base

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name Allen Bradley Modules
Certification CO.CQ
Model Number 1794-TB3S
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Allen Bradley Modules
Nuclear Power Plant
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1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S I/O Terminal Base
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allen bradley plc 5


controlnet bridge module

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Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S I/O Terminal Base


Product Description:


After starting RSLogix 5000 and either starting a new project or opening an existing project, make sure
that you are OFFLINE with the ControlLogix processor. I/O configuration is only available when offline.
If you have not already defined the contents of your ControlLogix chassis under your project's "I/O
Configuration" folder, you will need to define the ControlNet bridge module at a minimum. Use the right
mouse button to click on the "I/O Configuration" folder, then choose "New Module" from the pop-up menu.From the dialog box that appears, choose the ControlNet bridge of the type (1756-CNB or 1756-CNBR)and series that you are using. In the next screen, you will need to name the ControlNet bridge and
indicate its position in the ControlLogix chassis (slot 0 is the leftmost).After defining the ControlNet bridge, use the right mouse button to click on the ControlNet bridge under"I/O configuration", then choose "New Module" from the pop-up menu


Allen Bradley Modules 1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S  I/O Terminal Base 0



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Product's Character:


Two serial connectors to simplify RS-485 multi-dropping and host communications Several analog or digital command interfaces: Indexing (absolute with the Homing feature, incremental, or
registration)10 Volt analog interface—position, velocity, or torque control Presets (from one to eight binary inputs)—torque or velocity control Quadrature encoder digital interface—electronic gearing position follower Step/Direction digital interface—position control CW/CCW (step up/step down) interfaceposition control Operating mode override—alternate movement interface Host command digital interface The ULTRA 100/200 drives host command protocol provides optional drive configuration using the drive serial communications interface. This powerful feature allows your controller to access all of the drive digital controls using sequences of ASCII characters. The protocol includes error checking to
ensure the integrity of the transmitted commands. In installations that have multiple axes, up to 32 ULTRA 100/200 drives can be addressed by a host computer. These drives communicate with the host
computer using a four-wire RS-485 serial interface. The host command protocol includes specific drive addressing, which allows the host to communicate with all the connected drives concurrently.





Allen Bradley Modules 1794-TB3S 1794 TB3S  I/O Terminal Base 1



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Hoffman E2PBSS Stainless Enclosure W/ (2) Illum. Pushbuttons, (2) Contact Blocks

Hoffman E1PBGSS Encl., AB Pushbutton, 800E-3D0, 800E-3X10 (Broken But. Housing)

AB 800T-FX D4 Push-Pull Button Red with Enclosure (Has Button Guard)

Rees Heavy Duty Pushbutton 600VAC, 250VDC with 2019 Condulet Enclosure

AB 800H-2HZ4Y Enclosure W/ Mushroom Head Pushbutton

Rees 2140 Start/Stop Pushbutton Switch with Crouse-Hinds FSC 1019

Rees 02221-001 Flush Pushbutton Switch with Crouse-Hinds Condulet Enclosure

GE CR2940AJ202GH Manual Motor Starting Switch with Hinged Finger Guard

GE CR2940AJ202EK Manual Motor Starting Switch (No Lockout Pin)

GE CR2940AJ202A Manual Motor Starting Switch with Finger Guard (No Lockout Pin)

AB 800H-2HZ4Y Enclosure W/ Flush PB, Relay Socket (1 Wire Access)

Square D 2510-KO Manual Motor Starting Switch, Crouse-Hinds FDC2, Appleton Cover

AB 700-HB32Z24 Relay 24 VDC 15A 8 Pin Series D

AB 700-HA32Z24 Relay 24 VDC Series A with Curtis RS8 Relay Socket

Gould J20B40 Control Relay

Original Diazed 5SA2 5 Bottle Fuse 500V 10A (Red Label)

Original Diazed 5SA1 2 Bottle Fuse 500V 4A (Black Label)

Original Diazed 5SA1 5 Bottle Fuse 500V 10A (Black Label)

Original Diazed 5SB2 6 Bottle Fuse 500V 16A (Red Label)

Original Diazed 5SB 25 Bottle Fuse 500V 10A (Black Label)

Original Diazed 5SB 27 Bottle Fuse 500V 20A (Black Label)

Original Diazed 5SB 41 Bottle Fuse 500V 35A (Black Label)

Original Diazed 5SB 42 Bottle Fuse 500V 50A (Black Label)


The use of the product:


1 open architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources of energy!

2.municipal engineering,

3.boiler Heating,

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1.We keep more than 10 thousands Transistors in warehouse, it could cut lead time of most items.

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Our advantages:


1.We keep more than 10 thousands Transistors in warehouse, it could cut lead time of most items.


2.2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

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