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Allen Bradley Modules 80190-380-01-R 80190 380 01 R AB 8019038001R TESTED Codntion

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Allen Bradley Modules
Certification: CO.CQ
Model Number: 80190-380-01-R
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Manufacture Year: 2016 Control System: Allen Bradley Modules
Application: Nuclear Power Plant Lead Time: In Stock
Description: 80190-380-01-R 80190 380 01 R AB 8019038001R TESTED Codntion Weight: 4lbs
High Light:

allen bradley cpu


controlnet bridge module

Product Description

Allen Bradley Modules 80190-380-01-R 80190 380 01 R AB 8019038001R TESTED Codntion


Product Description:


Two serial connectors to simplify RS-485 multi-dropping and host communications Several analog or digital command interfaces: Indexing (absolute with the Homing feature, incremental, or
registration)10 Volt analog interface—position, velocity, or torque control Presets (from one to eight binary inputs)—torque or velocity control Quadrature encoder digital interface—electronic gearing position follower Step/Direction digital interface—position control CW/CCW (step up/step down) interfaceposition control Operating mode override—alternate movement interface Host command digital interface The ULTRA 100/200 drives host command protocol provides optional drive configuration using the drive serial communications interface. This powerful feature allows your controller to access all of the drive digital controls using sequences of ASCII characters. The protocol includes error checking to
ensure the integrity of the transmitted commands. In installations that have multiple axes, up to 32 ULTRA 100/200 drives can be addressed by a host computer. These drives communicate with the host
computer using a four-wire RS-485 serial interface. The host command protocol includes specific drive addressing, which allows the host to communicate with all the connected drives concurrently.



Allen Bradley Modules 80190-380-01-R 80190 380 01 R AB 8019038001R TESTED Codntion 0



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Product's Character:


Appendix B provides information about the Block Transfer messages supported by the Remote I/O communications module. In this appendix, you will read about the following: Block transfer status word.
Setting up data files for block transfer messages.Examples of block transfer messages. Block transfer quick reference. Important: This appendix provides detailed examples of block transfer messages. For information about block transfer messages, also refer to Chapter 5.Chapter 1 provides an overview of the
Remote I/O communications module (1203-GD1 module, 1203-GK1 module, and 1336-GM1 board). In this chapter, you will read about the following:Function of the module.Features of the module. Compatible SCANport products and programmable controllers. Parts and hardware of the module. Steps for setting up the module.Required tools and equipment.Description of the Remote I/O Communications Modules The Remote I/O communications module is an optional interface designed to provide a direct, digital link between an Allen-Bradley programmable controller and any one Allen-Bradley SCANport product. A module is required for each product that you want to connect to Remote I/O. There are three types of Remote I/O communications modules


Allen Bradley Modules 80190-380-01-R 80190 380 01 R AB 8019038001R TESTED Codntion 1








1771-IBN Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IC Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-ID Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-ID01 Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-ID16 Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IE Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IFE Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IFF Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IFMS Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IG TTL Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IGD TTL Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IH Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IJ Encoder/Counter Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IK Encoder/Counter Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IL Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IM Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IN Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IND Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IQ Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IQ16 Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IQC Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IR Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IS Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley

1771-IT Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IV Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IVN Digital Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IXE Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-IXHR Analog Input Module Allen-Bradley
1771-KA2 Data Highway Communications Adaptor Allen-Bradley
1771-KG Data Highway Communications Module Allen-Bradley
1771-NB4S Analog Combination Module Allen-Bradley

Metso Automation Valmet A413001 60F 32MB DCS Board CPU Processor

Tektronix 485 Dual Trace 350 MHz Portable Oscilloscope

Aeroflex/IFR T-1401 Tacan Generator Accessory for IFR ATC-1400A


Aeroflex/IFR S-1403 Mode S XPDR Transponder Accessory for IFR ATC-1400A

NEW Pneu-Hydro PN: 302990 Pneumatic Valve 60 PSI

NEW ITT Neo-Dyn 158F44-3 Flow Switch

George Voron CAA-1638 VHF Probe Detector Commerce Civil Aeronautics Administrati

Flitefone 2 RT-14 Radiotelephone Avionics

Unison PN: 10-390437-1 Igniter Plug Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1, JT15D-1A, JT15D-4

NEW Kaiser Eckel AG77C-16-4 Starter Valve (UH-60 Turbine Engine Fluid 116231-4)

Bendix Solar TCN-1127 APU Ignition Exciter 10-397050-1 w/FHE 159-6/Coil Vibrator

Aeroflex JcAIR T1200 Control Display Unit CDU/ARINC 429 Bus Analyzer T1200B

Aeroflex Comstron PN9000 Phase Noise Measurement Test System w/Options

Aeroflex Comstron PN9000 Phase Noise Measurement Test System w/Options

IFR/Aeroflex MLS-800 Ground Landing Station Simulator/Microwave Test Set

Aeroflex JcAIR T1200 Control Display Unit CDU/ARINC 429 Bus Analyzer T1200B

Behlman 300-2000 Hz 3-Phase 0-130 VAC 60 kVA Power Supply/Frequency Converter

Qty. 13: NEW Cisco Aironet AIR-LAP1242AG-A-K9 Wireless Access Point (AP Points)

NEW Avocent/Apex ViewPoint ELC-08SP Octal System Pod KVM Switch 1U

Qty. 2: NEW Apex/Avocent ELC-00IM-01 ViewPoint Input Interface Cards (Card)

NEW Lucent/Martek MAX TNT-SP-DC-H/PS2246 Power Supply 965 W, Hot-Swappable


The use of the product:


1.steel industry,

2..feed industry,

3.aluminum smelting machines,

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1. new and original

2.1 year warranty

3.Improve efficiency


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3.Risk-free guarantee, 60 days refund. If the item you purchase from our store are not of perfected quality, simply return them to us for replacement or refund.

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